Exceed™ Medical Microneedling

If you’re bothered by fine lines, acne scars, or enlarged pores, medical microneedling at our med spa in Waltham, MA, offers a safe and effective solution with minimal downtime and excellent results. The Exceed microneedling device is the first cleared by the FDA to treat both acne scars and wrinkles, creating smoother and more youthful-looking skin.

How Does Microneedling Work?

A microneedling treatment creates tiny punctures in the skin using short, sterile needles to stimulate the body’s natural healing process. That process produces new collagen, which is an essential building block of smooth skin. Medical microneedling using the Exceed device minimizes trauma to the skin’s surface and produces results that can’t be matched by derma rollers designed for microneedling at home.

Microneedling smooths lines and wrinkles, evens skin tone, shrinks enlarged pores, tightens skin, and fades scars and stretch marks. Prepping the skin with a HydraFacial® Syndeo™ treatment can make microneedling even more effective.


  • Skin’s outer layer is mostly undamaged, unlike more invasive treatments.
  • Adjustable settings enable our licensed estheticians to customize treatment depth.
  • First microneedling treatment cleared by FDA for both acne scars and wrinkles.
  • Skin quickly absorbs serum fortified with growth factors to enhance results.

Can You Benefit From Microneedling?

Good microneedling candidates are in good overall health and want to create a refreshed, more youthful look or improve their skin’s appearance by smoothing fine lines and wrinkles or minimizing acne scars. There are relatively few risks with the treatment, but it isn’t recommended for women who are pregnant or nursing. According to clinical studies conducted to obtain FDA clearance, 88% of patients reported improvement in the appearance of acne scars following Exceed microneedling and 90% of patients saw improvement in facial wrinkles. Additionally, 88% said they would recommend the procedure to family and friends.

What Happens During a Microneedling Treatment?

The Exceed microneedling device is different than other microneedling pens because it uses fewer needles, reducing damage to the epidermis as 6 of the sharpest medical-grade surgical stainless steel needles create precise micro-channels. It also has multiple speed settings, enabling our estheticians to customize treatments based on the skin condition being treated.

Microchannels created during the microneedling procedure significantly increases the absorption of topical products—from about 10% to 80%. We use AnteAGE® serum, an aqueous solution that includes a high concentration of growth factors, peptides, and humectants to boost the healing process and create exception results at the cellular level.


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Is There Any Downtime After Microneedling?

There is minimal downtime, with patients typically experiencing pinkish skin similar to a sunburn for about 24 to 48 hours. Your skin may also feel itchy for a couple of days after treatment.

When Do Microneedling Results Appear?

Microneedling with the Exceed device creates results that emerge gradually after multiple treatment sessions. We recommend scheduling 4 treatments over 12 weeks to get optimal results, although we can customize treatment plans based on your needs. Each treatment takes about an hour.

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How Much Does Microneedling Cost?

The cost of Exceed Microneedling depends on the condition you’re treating and the number of treatments ultimately performed. When you meet with one of our estheticians for your initial consultation, we’ll provide a price quote that you can review before deciding on your treatment.

People considering Exceed medical microneedling travel from Watertown, Cambridge, and Boston for treatments at ChicMed. Request a free consultation using the online form to meet with one of our estheticians or call us at (781) 899-2442 to schedule an appointment. Specific expectations of each patient will be discussed at the consultation.

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