Fat Reduction

Women and men who exercise regularly and eat a balanced diet can still be frustrated by areas of stubborn fat around their mid-sections that cause unwanted bulges. Popular nonsurgical fat reduction treatments provide solutions and we’ve found at our Waltham med spa that UltraShape Power is the most comfortable and effective technology available to reduce fat in the abdomen and other areas.

UltraShape Power At-a-Glance

  • 3 treatments spaced 2 weeks apart
  • UltraShape Power is a pleasant, painless, relaxing experience
  • There’s no soreness or numbness after treatment
  • No downtime; treatment takes less than an hour in most cases
  • 32% fat reduction after 3 treatments*


Shaped by Science

UltraShape Power’s use of focused ultrasound technology to destroy the walls of fat cells sets it apart from other nonsurgical fat reduction techniques. It is the first device cleared by the FDA to use this technology for non-invasive fat reduction, destroying fat cells without damaging skin, blood vessels, or nerves. Fat cells killed by the treatment are processed through the liver and flushed naturally from the body.

Two major types of fat accumulate in your body:

  • Visceral (fat that forms around the organs)
  • Subcutaneous (fat that forms just below the skin’s surface)

Even though eating right and working out helps reduce visceral fat, it can be difficult to get rid of subcutaneous fat. That’s the fat targeted by UltraShape Power—fat that’s resistant to diet and exercise. The treatment is very comfortable, and no downtime is needed following an UltraShape Power procedure.

Ideal Candidates

Targeted fat reduction can help most women and men who are already in good overall shape but want to slim certain areas of the body. People should have a body mass index (BMI) of 30 or less and be able to pinch an inch of soft fat around their abdomen, flanks, upper arms, and thighs. These are the problem areas where subcutaneous fat typically accumulates. UltraShape Power isn’t a weight-loss procedure, but treatments can improve the appearance of your waistline.

If you’re actually more concerned about cellulite than pockets of fat, we offer VelaShape® treatments to reduce cellulite and contour your body.


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What You Can Expect

Once the area being treated is identified and marked, we wrap a specially designed belt to localize the fat and apply a soothing gel to the skin. We can customize treatments for each patient without being limited by applicators, which is one of the key benefits of UltraShape Power.

The treatment involves gliding the device over the treatment area as UltraShape Power delivers pulses of ultrasound energy that target fat cells, causing them to implode. Treatment sessions typically take an hour or less and most patients remain extremely comfortable throughout the process.

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Fat cells destroyed by the UltraShape Power treatment are gradually removed from the body. Those cells are gone for good. To continue enjoying your results it’s important to maintain a healthy lifestyle that includes regular exercise and good eating habits.

Specific expectations of each patient will be discussed at the consultation.

The best way to determine if you can benefit from UltraShape Power treatments is to request a free consultation at ChicMed. You can also call us at (781) 899-2442 to schedule an appointment.

*Results of a clinical trial

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